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Monition by Court / digital / europe-width  

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Online-Mahn-Profi is a modern Cloud-Software for Online-Court-Monition and inkasso by court. For the cooperation with other applications a very simple usable PHP-interface and a powerfull bidirectional XML-interface are available. Online-Court-Monition with inkasso is supported for all countries in the EU and additionally for Norway and Switzerland.

Better then the online-forms of the monition-court the whole monition is supported digitally including the order for the inkasso-title (VB) and the order for envolving the process-court. The feedbacks of the court are requested digitally and imported with updating your falls. Therefore our app shows you always the current status of your falls and their workflows.

Our application is available by internet and works with every modern browser. You can forget installations and updates. Our Autosignatur makes signature cards and electronic mailsystems unnecessary. You can download the status of all falls for Excel in a CSV-file called Master-Table. Fetch the ID-Number from the monition-court (registration) und startup.

  Orders for monition, title and process-court. Feedbacks of court

  Elektronic and paperless data exchange with the monition court

  Tracking, administration, monitoring of your falls and workflows

  Autosignature of your orders with upload to the monition court

  Request and download of the court feedbacks, updating the falls

  XML-Interface, PHP-Interface, Webservices, CSV-Master-Table

  AES-Encrypted Private-Cloud in our safe Communal-Datacenter






Online-Monition is supported for all operationg systems in the highest expansion stage

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